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    How to consume it

    • You can add it to your salted or sweet foods
    • It can be used as baking flour

    High protein content

    • Organic process
    • Low in calories
    • No genetic alteration
    • Hormone-free

    Nutritional benefits

    • Higher Protein Than Meat
    • Provides 9 of the essential amino acids
    • Low fat
    • Contains Calcium
    • Contains iron
    • High fiber
    • Gluten free

    Ecological benefits

    • Its production spends less water
    • Fewer gases are generated that pollute the atmosphere
    • Less foster space is used
  • Why insects?

    Lack of resources

    The increase in competition for natural resources, the fertile spaces of the planet and the growing demand to satisfy a food culture with an exponential demand, make that the traditional global agriculture can no longer function according to the model to which we are accustomed, especially in A metropolis and urban model. All this warns that the food supply model and its demand counterpart will not be sustainable in the future.

    If everything remains the same, by 2050 it has been predicted that 60% more food, 40% more water and 50% more energy will be required to feed an estimated 9 billion people.

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    Less pollution greenhouse gases

    Less fertile land used

    Shorter production times

    Less water used for breeding

    Higher protein than meat